Hosting a Dry January Dinner Party

We love any excuse to throw a dinner party. But entertaining during our Dry January takes on some new twists. 

We’ve discovered that it’s possible to host a great night - with drinkers and non-drinkers alike - if we place as much focus on the non-alc drinks as we place on the wine, beer and cocktails. We make the dinner party about great drinks. Period. When we take that hosting approach, the non-drinkers are thrilled and the drinkers drink less - and all have a blast.

You can carry this approach into Dry January, whether you’re hosting a completely booze-free night, or are planning to have alcohol for anyone on the guest list who is not doing Dry January. 

Spotlight on the Drinks

Have fun with the drinks - plan ahead and put a little passion into the drink part of the evening. Stock up with a few of the interesting non-alc drinks available in many stores - and hopefully you still have some Kally and Lili on hand from your Best January Kit! 

You can also play mixologist and put a special touch on a party with your own creations. Try two of our favorites: Yuzu Verjus Margarita or a simple Verjus Amaro Spritz. Both use verjus, which you can pick up at most well-stocked groceries (look in the vinegar section) or buy our Kally Verjus. You can also read more about verjus, and why we love it so much here

Pair the Menu

Focus on pairing food and drinks together. Don’t be intimated - you can follow your gut - your guests will just be impressed that you’re paying attention to the details. If you pair a course with a special non-alc drink, chances are your guests will get caught up in the fun of the pairing and won't miss the wine you might have otherwise served. If you're planning to serve Kally or Lili, here are a few of our favorite pairings:

  • Lili Golden Sparkler: Oysters, gruyere cheese, fried chicken, and grilled halibut. 
  • Lili Rosé Sparkler: Duck tagine, mussels, hot dogs (yes, really!), and panna cotta.
  • Kally Orchard Sage: Lobster or shellfish, pasta, beans or peas and apple pie.
  • Kally Jasmine Spice: Sushi or fish, chicken, popcorn, and bread and butter.
  • Kally Vanilla Smoke: Grilled lamb, hard cheeses, mushrooms, and dark chocolate.
  • Kally Berry Fennel: Beef or pork, root vegetables, artichoke pasta, and anything with nuts. 

Talk deeper

Being fully present without alcohol at a party is a nice opportunity to connect deeply and build connections. We've had fun getting the interesting "next level" conversations going with friends using conversation starters. If you're planning ahead, consider picking up "We're not Really Strangers" - which takes the conversation starters to the next level. 

Enjoy a great evening of food, drink and conversation!