Tasting Notes: Kally & Lili

Included in your Dry January Care Package is a sampling of Kally & Lili - our two verjus-based non-alcoholic drinks. We use a unique culinary-based approach to crafting our drinks that we call the Kally Recipe. The end result is a complex, sophisticated adult beverage.

We've collected a few of our tasting notes here to enjoy as you sip:


Kally Sippers

Orchard Sage

Herbaceous, tangy and alive. Sage offers complex notes of mint and lemon, blending with apple and elderflower to create a magically pleasing combination. Orchard Sage has a long, seductive finish on the tongue. Food pairings: Lobster or shellfish. Pasta, beans or peas. Apple pie. Ice cream.

Jasmine Spice

Delicate, and approachable. The exotic florals of jasmine mix with ginger, cardamom and a collection of warm spices, creating an irresistible pairing. Food pairings: Sushi or fish. Chicken or salad. Panna cotta. Popcorn. Waffles. Bread and butter.

Berry Fennel

Earthy, bold, and rich. Toasted fennel seeds provide a hint of chocolate, while cherry and strawberry seductively provide balance and roundness. Big and fruit-forward, it’s great chilled or at room temperature. Food pairings:  Beef or pork. Root vegetables. Pasta. Artichoke. Chocolate chip cookies. Anything with nuts.

Vanilla Smoke

Smoky, smooth, and relaxed. The first sip surprises, awakening the senses with the aromas of smoked tea and the richness of blueberries and vanilla. Drinkers compare it to Scotch or mezcal, and it’s always a big hit with BBQ and smoked food. Some serve it on the rocks to mellow the smokiness. Food pairings: Grilled lamb. Hard cheese. Mushrooms. Dark chocolate. Smoked almonds. Grilled corn. Barbecue.


Lili Sparklers

Golden Sparkler

Vibrant and complex, with notes of citrus and jasmine balanced with fresh spearmint and sweet apples. Enjoy with: Oysters, gruyere cheese, grilled halibut, fried chicken, cheese puffs or apple pie a la mode.

Rosé Sparkler

Dry and sophisticated with notes of ripe strawberry and green melon. Organic hibiscus gives every sip a hint of floral tartness and is the reason for the rosy hue. Enjoy with: Duck tagine, mussels and panna cotta. Baby carrots and hummus, hot dogs on the grill, and strawberry rhubarb pie.

We would love to hear about your flavor highlights! Send us your notes, stories, pictures, memories... hello@drinkkally.com or text us at 650.200.0793