The Dry January Wave

This year marks 10 years since the first "official" Dry January. The movement was started by Alcohol Change UK in 2013 and, safe to say, it's taken off. In that first year, over 17,000 Britons stopped drinking during January. 

Once Dry January was established in the UK, it was popularized by Club Soda, an alcohol awareness group with over 30,000 members. The same group now hosts a Mindful Drinking Festival annually.

Interestingly enough, there is record of an even earlier version of Dry January. In 1942, as part of the war effort, the Finnish Government launched a campaign they referred to as "Sober January." This Sober January campaign didn't get much traction and faded out.

According to food and drink research firm CGA, nearly 35% of adults in the US participated in Dry January in 2022. The number will be bigger this year. Chances are pretty good you'll have a friend or two participating alongside you this year. 

And looking ahead, you’re also not alone if you choose to stop or moderate drinking after January. Drinking is down in every age group. Being “sober curious” or a “damp drinker” are the new “in” things. See, now you’re the cool kid! 

This is the month to flip not drinking on its head - you’re part of a movement.