Our Top 3 Dry January Hacks

Stopping drinking is not easy, especially if you’re regularly consuming alcohol of any level.

Here are the top three “hacks” we've found help a lot when we want to cut out drinking for a night, a month - or longer.

Have a buddy: Tap a friend or family member (or two) to join you for Dry January. You’ll have someone to hang out with that won’t make you feel pressured to order the wine pairing, and you’ll have someone to vent to if you hit a tough spot.

Have a replacement in your hand: Find a good alcohol replacement and have lots of it around. We’re always surprised about how much drinking is just about having something unique and tasty in our glass. Stock your home bar and, if you’re going out, pick a restaurant or bar that has good non-alc options. If there aren’t good non-alc options on the menu, memorize a bar order.  We go with soda water and bitters and an orange peel. We’d be remiss if we didn’t put in a plug here for your cans of Kally & Lili that travel out well.

Fill your drinking time with “doing” time: Replace your weekly happy hour or wine night with a new activity—and stick to it. Book a yoga class. See a movie or a play. Take your dog for a walk. Or try something from our list of rituals and activities.  

Your hacks might be different. But as you roll into the month, stop and think about where your weak points will be. Be honest. Be proactive and figure out a work around or a distraction that will get you through the challenge. 

One of our favorite quotes, very appropriate for this month: "Hard choices, easy life; easy choices, hard life.”  It’s a well known stoic quote, one we first heard from our friend Jerzy Gregorek.  Jerzy shared that quote to help us understand his journey from alcoholism to Olympic weight-lifting glory. The golden nugget in this quote for Dry January - pause the automatic decisions and behaviors in life, reflect and make a plan for long term gain. Intrigued? We love this writeup on the philosophy. 

Have you found some other cool hacks?  We would love to hear about them - text us at 650-200-0793.