Verjus: Your Dry January BFF

You know it’s a good drink when you’re left asking “are you sure there’s no alcohol in this?” It’s something we hear a lot with Kally and Lili and it’s all thanks to our hero ingredient: verjus. 

Verjus is made from young chardonnay grapes that are pressed into a tart, golden juice with zero alcohol. It gives a drink acidity, body, and complexity. And it’s the acid that’s really key here. Verjus has tartaric acid, which is more interesting than citric acid (sorry lemons!) and more approachable than, say, acetic acid from vinegar. The acid in verjus will give a drink a pH and mouthfeel similar to alcohol, and activate flavor receptors in the mouth to accentuate the taste of food.   

To make a great drink, we recommend layering ingredients on top of a verjus base. For us, that means using real food ingredients like fruit, botanicals, and teas to add sweetness, tannins, and flavor complexity. The end result can be a drink with all of the intrigue, sophistication and fun of a glass of wine or a cocktail. 

Now you know why we love drinking verjus-based drinks, especially during Dry January. Give one a try and see if your mind loses track of whether you're drinking booze after that first sip.