Welcome to your Best January!

A month without booze? Is it even possible? 

Taking the time to re-access your relationship with alcohol for 30 days might actually be the most interesting thing you do all year. 

Think about this month like a mini sociology or psychology class. Usually our extended breaks from alcohol get us asking ourselves some profound questions: Why do I feel like I need a drink? What do I appreciate about a good party? Why is booze so deeply integrated into our society’s routines for fun, relaxation and social connection? If you’re like us, by month-end you are going to have meaty conversation topics for months to come - and possibly some new habits too.

Dry January makes for a great health & wellness adventure too. Thirty days without booze = more time, energy, and sleep. The unexpected benefits of taking a break from booze can be crazy good. We enjoy using that extra time for new activities, or that extra clear mind to tackle new projects. Or there’s our favorite part of Dry January - putting our “reset” bodies to the test with new physical challenges. 

Whether you are looking to cut out or cut back alcohol this month, we're excited to be on this journey with you!

Cheers, Katie & Scott

Co-Founders, SomethingElse

Makers of Kally + Lili