Welcome to the Kally Verjus Cocktail Kit!

Welcome to the Kally Verjus Cocktail Kit! You’ll find everything you need to start mixing up delicious, non-alcoholic drinks. Bottled from our own stash, this is the same verjus we use to make Kally.  We harvest beautiful California chardonnay grapes each August, picking clusters of grapes by hand and transporting them to a winery where they get pressed into the tart juice that is the base of every Kally drink.

When we first heard the word “verjus,” it was whispered to us by a brilliant bartender friend. “It’s going to be perfect for Kally,” he asserted confidently (and quietly). We were in the middle of solving one of the great challenges of non-alcoholic beverages: how do you tell the brain to sip a drink, not gulp it? How do you give a drink the same bite you taste when enjoying wine or a cocktail? It turned out, verjus (with its tartaric and malic acid) was the perfect ingredient and the missing piece in our puzzle.  

We love the creative potential that lives in a bottle of verjus … and we thought you might too. We can't wait to see what delicious beverages you create!


Katie & Scott