Taking Flight

We love bringing friends together. What better excuse to gather than a Kally tasting party? Get ready for the smiles, raised eyebrows, laughs, and lots of opinions as you sip, debate, and discuss.

Get ready

Inside your kit, you'll find the key components for your flight. Unpack your glasses and Kally cans. Divide up the tasting sheets and pull out those conversation starters (without peeking!).

Grab some some water and/or water crackers to have on hand to cleanse your palate between sips. While you are welcome to drink Kally at any temp you like, we do recommend it chilled. 

    Start sipping

    We recommend tasting Kally in the order below. You'll progress from the lightest and brightest to the deepest and richest. Drinking in this order will prevent the full bodied drinks from dulling your palate to the subtleties of the lighter bodied drinks. 

    Drinking order: 1) Jasmine Spice 2) Orchard Sage Spritz 3) Orchard Sage 4) Berry Fennel Spritz 5) Berry Fennel 6) Vanilla Smoke.

    Use all your senses

    Tasting is an all-in thing. The professionals use 4 basic steps.

    1. Look: make a visual inspection of the drink, observe color, opacity, and viscosity. 

    2. Smell: sample the aromas, and identify scents you experience.

    3. Taste: take a sip and use your tongue to observe the drink. Our tongue can detect salty, sour, sweet and bitter. It can also perceive texture since it "touches" the drink.  Lastly, taste is also time based, so we get the length of a drink - the beginning, the middle (mid-palate) and end (finish). 

    4. Think: reflect on your experience and make overall observations on the drink's character, its memorability, its appeal for you. 

    We included tasting sheets for each flavor to help document what you taste and smell. Sharing and comparing these notes is one of the best ways to experience Kally. Discuss, debate and enjoy. We bet you'll be surprised how people can get different aromas and tastes from the same drink. 

    Get the Scoop

    This digital guide includes back stories on each flavor, founder tasting notes and more. Want to hear where Orchard Sage started? Or how the smoke got into Vanilla Smoke? Answers to these burning questions and more are included, so  watch and learn as you go!

    Snack along the way

    Hungry? Maybe after you've had a run at all flavors without food interruption, you'll want to dive into some nibbles for pairing tasting. Take your tasting to the next level by pairing each recipe with one of our recommended bites: 

    • Jasmine Spice: Potato chips — any salty variety will do.
    • Orchard Sage Spritz: Brie, camembert, or goat cheese.
    • Orchard Sage: Salted popcorn (with truffle salt if you’re feeling fancy).
    • Berry Fennel Spritz: Dry-cured salami, like sopressata, genoa, or pepperoni.
    • Berry Fennel: Marcona almonds.
    • Vanilla Smoke: Dark chocolate.

     Cheers and have a great night!

    Have your own thoughts? Send them to us at hello@drinkkally.com or text us at 650.200.0793