Flavor Highlights

Everyone discovers something different in a sip of Kally, depending on the mood, the food pairing and individual senses. Here are some of our thoughts, highlights and notes on our flavors.

Orchard Sage

We come across wild sage all the time while hiking in California.  It's the magic of this drink, imparting a warmth and fragrance that everyone loves (although few can identify). Autumn's ripe apples create familiar notes balanced by the crisp acidity of the young, green, Chardonnay grapes.

Herbaceous, tangy, and alive.  

Also available as Orchard Sage Spritz: Light and bright, with a touch of tart sweetness. With the addition of bubbles, the notes of apple and elderflower really shine.


Jasmine Spice

When we think of jasmine, we imagine a sea of white buds, the smell of honey and the buzz of busy bees. We vividly remember our first time smelling jasmine and the way it teased our senses with its bold sweetness.  We've mixed those floral notes with a half dozen of our favorite warm spices and the seductive pucker of still-green Chardonnay grapes.

Delicate, tart and bright.

Berry Fennel

Fennel thrives where the ocean meets the hilly coast of California, soaking up the salty mist of the Pacific and adding warm yellow hues to the landscape.  This drink matches the aromas of fennel with the warmth of cherry, a hint of strawberry and balancing tannins from teh tea.

Earthy, bold, and rich. 

Also available as Berry Fennel Spritz: A wisp of cherry, a hint of nuttiness, and the zing of fine bubbles. This drink blends the seriousness of an adult dinner beverage with fresh, bright flavors and mouthfeel.

Vanilla Smoke

Campfires under the stars - on a beach, high in the mountains or deep in the woods - are a favorite experience for us. This drink captures the magical mood of those beautiful nights.  Whole vanilla beans and wild berries layer sweetness and depth, balancing tart grapes.

Smoky, smooth, and relaxed. 

We would love to hear about your flavor highlights! Send us your notes, stories, pictures, memories... hello@drinkkally.com or text us at 650.200.0793