Exciting things coming...

Exciting things coming...


Katie & Scott

What's in store for 2023.

We had an unbelievable 2022, and we have you to thank. Your feedback and support helped us learn, grow and advance our business. We’re so excited about what 2023 has in store.


One big thing….as we evolved, the separation between our first two brands— Kally and Lili—started to shrink. Their similarities became more pronounced than their differences. They are both verjus-based drinks, made with the same drink approach, and as Kally started to get some bubbles, they became harder to distinguish from one another. This created complexity for our customers, our retailers and the brand builders here at SomethingElse.


So, we are combining the two drink lines into one under the Kally brand. We are also taking a moment to re-introduce the Kally brand and website with a few updates! It’ll be the same great drinks—nothing else changes except the packaging and the brand. We had an incredible amount of fun synthesizing the learnings and putting our creativity to work for these upcoming changes. This new foundation will also give us increased speed, flexibility, and creativity to build new things.


The ride with all of you to this point has been a blast. We can’t wait to share these changes. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our newness!



Katie and Scott