How to Build a Verjus Drink
We’re excited to share how we make our Kally recipes, so you can do the same at home. Everything you taste in a bottle of Kally started in our home kitchen, after all.

The trick to making great verjus-based drinks is to think in layers.

Layer One: Verjus (a lot of it)

The good news: you already have the most important ingredient, the acidic base. Verjus offers the perfect level of acid in a drink, activating the taste buds, telling the brain to sip (not gulp!), and giving a “finish” that holds the flavors on the tongue.

On top of the verjus, you want to add additional ingredients that contribute uniqueness and flavor. We recommend you think about these three additional layers:

Layer Two: Something sweet

Verjus already has a touch of sweetness in it, but if you’d like a little more (plus some color) you can add a bit of juice. Pick your favorite—apple, blueberry, cherry, cranberry, beet, orange, grapefruit, kumquat, pomegranate, and pineapple are all great options.

Layer Three: A little punch

Punch comes from a nearly limitless number of botanicals, herbs, spices, and roots. To get your creative juices flowing, think basil, cinnamon, lime zest, elderflower, ginger, mint, nasturtium, shiso, and gentian root. You can steep these items directly in the verjus, or make a tea or tincture using the ingredients to mix into your drink.

Layer Four: Tannins

Tannins add complexity to a drink by creating a momentary drying sensation on the tongue, gums, or even lips while also contributing to a drink's astringency. A simple black or green tea will add all the tannins you need. For extra complexity, you can use more exotic teas such as jasmine, hojicha, silver needle, or lapsang souchong.

And just like that, you have the recipe for making killer drinks using verjus. Get creative and pick your favorite tastes and flavors. If you put together a winning combination, share it with us on Instagram by tagging @inside.kally (#drinkkally). We’re always looking for inspiration!