Welcome: Let's Talk Verjus

What you're holding in your hand is verjus from our own stash—the same we use to make Kally. It's such a versatile and dynamic ingredient that we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves, so here we are. 

We harvest beautiful California chardonnay grapes each August, picking clusters of grapes by hand and transporting them to a winery where they get pressed into the tart juice that is the base of every Kally drink.

We love the creative potential that lives in a bottle of verjus… and we thought you might too. Explore what’s possible when you use verjus to make a drink, sauce, vinaigrette, or marinade.

We can’t see what culinary delights you create.


Katie & Scott

Co-creators, Kally

Text us your ideas, creations, questions, photos, videos....we're excited to be on this adventure with you!