Bonjour Paris and Le Paon Qui Boit!

We’ve been in France this week, and took the opportunity to stop by Paris’ first non-alcoholic beverage store, Le Paon Qui Boit (The Drinking Peacock). 


We were blown away! The affable founder, Augustin Laborde, and store manager, Maud Catte, have curated an outstanding selection of non-alc beverages from around Europe. The store is beautifully designed, clean and bright. Looking in the window from the street, the store could easily be confused with a well-stocked liquor store - walls filled with an assortment of bottles of all shapes and sizes.  It was exciting and refreshing to see so many new brands. 



A few quick takeaways…  


The RTD Wave

We were wowed with the number of interesting ready-to-drink options. We tasted our way through a dozen of the most unique, many using distillates and spices we’d never seen in drinks before, including our favorite - “Immortelle”!


What Cans?

Outside of the beer category, virtually no N/A drinks are canned. Augustin says he thinks that trend is coming, especially given the sustainability benefits. (Did you know that 70% of the world’s ever-mined aluminum is still in circulation?!)


Beers, Beer Everywhere

We saw so much creativity in beer, with dozen different brands, from Denmark to Bulgaria. The European craft beer industry seems to have embraced non-alc beer aggressively.

Wine Success

The wine-loving French are working on dealcoholized wines too, and we tasted a half dozen. We found a couple that hit the mark, and were better than what we’ve tasted state-side. 

We left Le Paon Qui Boit impressed with the innovation and range of options for non-alc in Europe.  Augustin said he thought there was more growth coming from the US currently, but we think that’s a matter of debate… maybe over a bottle of Immortelle-infused beverage!


Add Le Paon Qui Boit to the list of reasons to love Paris! We’re excited to watch from afar as Augustin grows his business.  


You can follow Augustin and the shop on Instagram: @lepaonquiboit