Curious about Kally Jasmine Spice?

Curious about this crisp floral delight? We'd love to tell you more!


What is the backstory of Jasmine Spice?

Jasmine flowers are the hero of this drink, and the starting point for its inspiration. We love the delicate aroma of Jasmine - so sweet it feels like we should be able to taste it, even though we know it’s only a smell! When we mixed jasmine tea and verjus the first time we got the best of all words - the floral nose of jasmine, the astringency of tea, the balanced sweetness of chardonnay grape verjus. The chai-like spices topped it off with additional layers of complexity. 


What do you love most about Jasmine Spice?

More than any other Kally drink, Jasmine Spice says happy hour to us - what’s not to love about that? Maybe it’s the extra bite or the barely-there sweetness… but regardless, we’re ready to pour a glass as soon as the whistle blows! 


How does Jasmie Spice fit in the inaugural Kally lineup?

Jasmine Spice is the rebel, with a little attitude and some extra bite. She’s the least sweet of the family, and a great drink to start the night with, or enjoy with food that features salts or oils.  


What’s your favorite pairing with Jasmine Spice?

Don’t judge us, but the answer is clear: sourdough bread with cultured butter (made with cultured cream, resulting in slightly sour flavor that sets it apart from regular butter) and a pinch of coarse rock salt.  We know it’s not a meal (but it should be!) and the tang of butter and the bite of the verjus in Jasmine Spice create a great mirrored pairing.


If I like Jasmine Spice, what next? 

Progress to Orchard Sage, with a beautiful herbal nose and the familiar warmth of apple. Also, you’ll fall in love with Vanilla Smoke, the sultry one, featuring smokey vanilla notes.