Curious about Kally Vanilla Smoke?

Curious to learn more about this sexy drink?  We'd love to tell you more!


What is the backstory of Vanilla Smoke?

One of our mixologist friends, Scott Baird, told us about Lapsang Souchong tea for the first time. As soon as we tasted it, we asked ourselves, “How did we not know about this?!”  We knew right away it was going to be the base of a drink… and got right to work. 


What do you love most about Vanilla Smoke?

The one thing we never hear after the first tasting of Vanilla Smoke is the “Oh, that tastes just like….”  Vanilla Smoke is her own thing. Totally unique. She makes no effort to replicate any drink with alcohol. While lots of people who like Scotch and mezcal also like Vanilla Smoke, we love the fact that she stands on her own, defining a new category of beverage. 


How does Vanilla Smoke fit in the inaugural Kally lineup?

Vanilla Smoke is the sultry one - a little moody and sexy. She’s at home whenever sultry is in order - happy hour (think smoked almonds), dinner (think roasted mushrooms) and dessert (chocolate brownie, yum).  


What’s your favorite pairing with Vanilla Smoke?

Try a Vanilla Smoke Affogato for the perfect bookend to a great meal - Shave dark chocolate on Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream and pour a shot glass of Vanilla Smoke over the top!


If I like Vanilla Smoke, what next? 

Jasmine Spice shares the bright acidity of Vanilla Smoke, with a completely different flavor profile. Also try Berry Fennel if you want to stay in the world of “bold reds”.