Finding  the “Miracle” of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

It’s not often you discover a miracle!  

When we were starting Kally, we began experimenting with a little known ingredient - verjus. We’d heard about verjus from a couple of people, and read about it in books. But when we tried it for ourselves, we were blown away!  Now, verjus is the heart of Kally’s delicious uniqueness. 


We make verjus by pressing young, tart California chardonnay grapes into a beautiful golden juice. It is never fermented and contains no alcohol.  

Verjus is lightly sour and delicately acidic. But it is different from other acidic foods (vinegar or citrus, for example) in one critical way. It has a magical natural balance. The young grapes used to make verjus are naturally both sweet and sour. That perfect equilibrium is squeezed out of each grape to create vibrant verjus.

The acidity of Kally reminds us of wine. In fact, Kally beverages have the same level of acidity as most fine wines. The tartness signals to the brain to sip, not gulp. The acidity also allows us to add a splash or two of other juices to Kally to create complex flavors without imparting extra sweetness to the drink. Acid balances sugar on our taste buds.


Verjus also makes Kally perfect to pair with food. It rounds out sensations in the month, enhancing the flavors of food. The acidity in verjus cuts through rich food and act as a palate cleanser. This is why Kally goes so well with food in ways that other low-acid beverages can’t replicate. 


We’re excited to share this little miracle in every sip of Kally with you!


The Kally recipe with the most verjus (over 50%) is Vanilla Smoke. Give it a try for a delicious, bold verjus drink experience.