Flight Night

The Curiosity Collection gives you everything you need to create a special Flight Night! Enjoy each Kally recipe, compare the flavors and bouquet, and find your favorites.


There are no rules, no rights or wrongs with a Kally tasting - just fun-filled sipping with drink-loving friends. Here is how to do it:


Line up your Kally

Get your chilled Kally bottles lined up on the table. Find at least four glasses per person. Any glass will do, best if they’re wide at the top to make it easy for aromas to escape. Pour a couple of ounces of Kally into each glass. Use the Kally Tasting Placemat if you want to be extra organized.

Serve the nibbles

Have a little something to nibble on while you’re tasting your Kally, to help clean the palate between sips. Try a piece of baguette, a simple water cracker or some breadsticks. Avoid spicey or pungent accompaniments which might overwhelm your palate.

Discuss & debate

We love Kally because it tastes so different to different people at different times.  Try doing these three fun experiments:


    1. Swirl Kally in your glass, sniff deeply, then sip. How does Kally smell different than it tastes?
    2. Trace the flow of Kally as it moves over your tongue. Does flavor change as it progresses from front to back, or side to side?
    3. Take 3 sips of Kally, with 30 seconds between each sip. What's different between tastes? 


Chance are, everyone has unique experiences... making for great conversation and debate! 

If you want to go all out, print out our Kally Tasting Scorecards, which give you a way to think about what you’re tasting and smelling, and lets you rank your favorites. 

Enjoy your Flight Night! Oh… and we love feedback and drinking notes – feel free to text us photos of your tasting scorecards! (650) 200-0793.