Kally Flight Night Prep

Our new Curiosity Collection can 6-pack includes all four inaugural flavors, as well as two of your favorites in spritz format - bubbles!  The collection gives a great opportunity to explore all Kally flavors with curious friends. We've put together some of our notes for a great flight night.

We’re all about bringing others together and a tasting party is the perfect excuse to gather. Get ready for the smiles, raised eyebrows, laughs, and lots of opinions as you sip together.

    Start sipping

    We recommend one Curiosity Collection 6-pack per 3-4 people. This will give you all an opportunity to sip and savor. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra on hand so you can really dive into the flavors you love.) 

    Keep it simple 

    Start by pouring equal amounts into separate glasses for each guest. If you want to cleanse your palate between sips, we recommend a glass of water and/or water crackers and sipping in the order below.  Also take a quick visit to the flavor pages to compare your tasting notes with ours!

    (If you want to have a little more fun, do a blind tasting and see if you can guess each flavor. Prizes optional.)

    Sip and Snack

    Hungry? Take your tasting to the next level by pairing each recipe with one of our recommended bites: 

    • Jasmine Spice: Potato chips — any salty variety will do
    • Orchard Sage Spritz: Brie, camembert, or goat cheese
    • Orchard Sage: Salted popcorn (with truffle salt if you’re feeling fancy)
    • Berry Fennel Spritz: Dry-cured salami, like sopressata, genoa, or pepperoni
    • Berry Fennel: Marcona almonds
    • Vanilla Smoke: Dark Chocolate 

    Cheers & Enjoy!!