Verjus Grapes: Garbage to Gold 

Historically, verjus was made from “garbage grapes” - grapes thinned from vines before harvest season. Fruit thinning occurs when farmers remove clusters of grapes from the vines to increase the quality of the fruit that remains. With less fruit on the vines, the plants concentrate flavor in the remaining grapes, ultimately yielding richer wines. In some vineyards, up to a third of the grapes are thinned from vines!

Over the years, farmers realized that letting the discarded grapes rot on the ground was a huge waste. Instead, gathered and pressed, these grapes could be turned into a delicious golden liquid - verjus. 

To get the quantity and quality of grapes we need to make Kally, we chose to pick grapes directly from the vine. This lets us use only the best grapes and precisely control sugar and acidity ensure that our verjus is ideal for Kally. These characteristics change constantly and there is only a one or two day harvest window when the grapes have the characteristics we need to make the world class verjus that goes into Kally. 

How lucky are we that grape farmers discovered the treasure laying in the dirt of their vineyards? How lucky are we to have gold in every glass of Kally?