In a single word: Sipper!

People often ask us, what is Kally?

Kally is a non-alcoholic drink made for sipping. Kally balances acidity with sweetness and tannins to create something entirely unique. It’s our ode to curious, adventurous palates everywhere.

We use lots of descriptors for our beverage: complex, sophisticated, verjus-based, layered, gently acidic, tart, tannic, delicately sweet, nuanced 

But everyone wants to put us in a category.  Makes sense, that is how the brain works. And this is where we get mixed up with non-alcoholic wines, which well... we are not at all. So we've been playing with words to "categorize" Kally.

 We've been trying on the word “sipper” as our new beverage category.

As the name implies, sippers are meant to be sipped - to be appreciated and enjoyed. Debated and discussed. Sippers have complexity and finish, and pair well with food.  They are tart and tell the brain to not to gulp.

Try a sip yourself. 

Thoughts?  Ideas? Text us and let us know what you think! 650-200-0793