“Just Start Talking …  It’s all new to us!”

From the very beginning, Kally has been a community effort. Just a few weeks into our kitchen experiments, our friends tasted the earliest versions of Kally and told us that we were on to something. From that point onward, our community has been part of the journey at every step.

As we got serious about turning Kally into a business, we searched far and wide for the most creative people in food and beverage — people who could push our thinking and help us craft the best possible non-alcoholic drinks. Being brand new to the industry, we brought a beginner's mind to every step of the process … for us everything was possible. When people asked how they could help us, we’d say, “just start talking - it’s all new to us!”

As we refined Kally’s first flavors, we talked to dozens of people — chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, food scientists, and more. Early on, we were focused on learning from mixologists and chefs. We wondered, “how do they approach the process of combining flavors to make something delicious?”

One brain we picked early on was Scott Baird’s, co-owner of Trick Dog Bar in San Francisco. Scott had recently won the award for the World’s Best Cocktail Menu. His drinks featured the kind of unique, real food ingredients we wanted to use in Kally (prickly pears, bitter herbs, and more). Scott helped with pointers, suggestions, and even a few bartender secrets. He also told us about The Flavor Bible which, as the name predicted, quickly became our bible for building the layers of flavors in Kally.

At each stage of our journey, we’ve been lucky to benefit from the ideas, taste buds, and experience of others. We’re excited to profile some of these individuals here as Kally grows and evolves. We hope you’ll join us on this adventure too. If you have an idea you think might be helpful, let us know. We’re always listening - so just start talking!

Katie & Scott