Kally People Profile: Scott Baird

When we started working on Kally, we spent a lot of time in our kitchen, mixing ingredients that tasted good. Initially the goal was just to make drinks we enjoyed enough to replace alcohol on the days we didn’t want to “drink”. Then we shared our recipes with friends, got rave reviews, and thought, “hmmm….maybe we’re on to something?”

We started hunting for a beverage guru (or two) to make sure we weren’t crazy … and to help us get started. 

That led us to Scott Baird. Scott and his partners had just won the award for the World’s Best Cocktail Menu at Trick Dog Bar in San Francisco. Who better to help us get rolling?

Scott is equal parts bartender, chef, entertainer, entrepreneur, and dreamer. He brought us into his brain and helped us understand the science and art of crafting drinks from a mixologist perspective. We sat down together one day and tasted every non-alcoholic drink available. We learned so much listening to him talk about each and every one....

Then he turned us on to the Flavor Bible, which became indispensable as we built Kally's bold layers of flavors. He introduced us to new ingredients - like lapsang souchong tea and verjus - adding to Kally’s uniqueness. And he helped us think about who would be drinking Kally - and when - so there would be a flavor of Kally right for every occasion. 

We look back at our early collaboration with Scott with a ton of gratitude for his world-class expertise, his encouragement and his belief in the potential of Kally. 

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