Kally, Sip by Sip

When we started making Kally, people asked us all the time, “What is it? Non-alcoholic wine? Mocktail? Aperitif?” 


No, no and no.


The answer: Kally is a sipper.


Why? Because Kally is a drink you want to sip. Kally’s bite and complexity demand it be sipped.


This “sippy-ness” starts with verjus. Verjus is juice from young, tart, not-quite-ripe grapes. It’s high in acid and tells our brains to “sip” not “gulp”. Verjus gives Kally the same bite we get from a cocktail or a glass of wine. The bite is also oddly unexpected - even when we know it’s coming! Verjus loves to mess with our minds a little bit, making Kally feel special, adult and mysterious. 


We also sip Kally to draw out, and appreciate, the flavor and smells in every taste. Kally teases the senses and changes constantly - a function of the touchpoint on the tongue, the food pairing, the length of time in the glass, and much more.  Drinking Kally sip-by-sip gives us time to relish the kaleidoscope of flavors.  


We hope you enjoy every sip of Kally.  Pass the Kally sipper!