Love, Laugher & Conversation

Nothing beats gathering with friends over food, drinks, and good conversation. But hey, sometimes you need a little something to get things started, especially when you’re with a group of new people. That’s where the conversation starters come in. Don’t roll your eyes—these are actually good ones! Even if you’ve known someone for years, we think you’ll have fun posing these questions at your next dinner party. Hope you enjoy!

And so....

What would you like to experience again because you did not appreciate it fully the first time?

Which trip changed your life for the better? 

What are the daily rituals you swear by and think everyone else should explore too?

Where are you settling where you could be thriving?

What’s a book, film, or piece of art that changed your life?

How are you, really?

What title would you give a book about your life?

What’s one thing about your life your childhood self would think was so cool?

What’s something you dislike that most people love?

What’s your happiest memory from the past year?

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