Our Approach: Re-Thinking the Drink

There are multiple approaches to non-alcoholic drinks out there.  Perhaps the most popular is to target a favorite spirit or wine or cocktail, and work to re-create it in a no-alcohol format.  Maybe you de-alcoholize it, or maybe you craft it from scratch aiming for all the sensations of that alcohol drink experience.

We never went down this path, mostly by chance.

Our early inspiration for great non-alcoholic drinks was a mind-blowing experience at Maaemo in Oslo. In 2018, we had the spectacular good fortune to score a last minute reservation. The wine pairing looked world-class… but it was lunchtime. Surprisingly, the restaurant had a non-alcoholic pairing as well. We decided to try one of each. Lunch turned into a fight over who got more of the non-alcoholic pairing!

That team at Maaemo took us on a culinary adventure of a lifetime - drinks crafted with fruit, teas, botanicals. Drinks crafted the way chefs make food - with all the freedom and creativity of what lives in gardens or farmers markets. We were hooked. When it came time for us to make non-alcoholic options at home, we routinely referenced that experience.  

With Kally, we aren’t trying to imitate chardonnay or Scotch. We aren’t trying to give a favorite cocktail some non-alcoholic superpowers. We don’t start with alcohol and work backwards, we start in our kitchen and move forwards. 

Our goal is to deliver a killer sipper that replaces one or more of those alcohol beverages for you. We want to offer a drinks that nail the bite, complexity, and sophistication of your favorite drinks… but, as for flavor, delivers something entirely new and different.

Hopefully you’ll agree we’re doing just that! Cheers!