Picking Sour Grapes

Almost no one likes sour grapes, not even birds…but we do!

About half way through the summer growing season, the sun and grape vines do something remarkable. They create excess energy which develops under the grape skins in the form of sugars.

The magical moment is called version - the point at which grapes change color and start to ripen.

At the same time, tastes in the grape begins to transform - from sour to sweet. And smells change too - from herbaceous to fruity. 

As the sweetness in the grapes increases, the acidity - which gives grapes those sour notes - starts to dissipate. 

This is the moment when we pounce on the grapes to make Kally! With confused birds looking on, we harvest the grapes when they have half the sweetness - and twice the acidity - of a ripe grape.

Pressing these grapes yields a simple but magical result - verjus. Verjus is a golden liquid with just this one ingredient - tart juice of grapes. It’s perfectly balanced to be delightful on the palate. A little pucker from the sour, and a little tingle from the sweet. Verjus carries these delicious tastes straight from the grapevines of California into each glass of Kally.

We just made our verjus for this season last week. It's the best we've ever made! 

Let’s hear a little love for the sour grapes!