Shake it Up

Kally straight out of the bottle is great, but there are dozens of other ways to enjoy Kally, many of which we’ve learned from our awesome customers. Get adventurous with your Kally - heres’ how to shake it up:


We love Kally straight out of the fridge and into our glasses. Some people enjoy the “red” Kallys at room temperature too, so give that a try if you think it might be your thing. 

With ice? 

We usually drink Kally chilled with no ice, so we can really appreciate the sophistication and layers of flavor without any dilution. But sometimes ice is not too, especially if you’re pairing with a delicate food and want to lower the flavor intensity of Kally. 


Kally is awesome spritzed. Mix Kally in a 1:1 or 1:2 ration with sparkling water to give it a little extra pop. 

Which glass? 

Your pick. We drink Kally out of short tumbler glasses, stemmed wine glasses or fancy cocktail glasses - depending on our mood. 

Take your time experimenting with all these options - once opened, Kally is good for 14 days in the fridge. Unopened and at room temperature, Kally will keep it for one year.