The Bartender’s Best Friend - Verjus!


A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a non-alcoholic drink… 

This might sound like the start of a joke - but it’s actually no laughing matter for bartenders who pride themselves in making awesome tasting beverages for any taste or occasion!

Figuring out how to craft a non-alcoholic drink that is complex and interesting - but not drowning in sweetness - is a common bartender challenge. 

Savvy bartenders turn to their best friend to save the day: verjus. 

Verjus is the miracle ingredient of non-alcoholic beverages. We first heard about verjus from a bartender at one of the best bars in San Francisco. “Trust me”, he said, “verjus is the secret!”

Verjus is shockingly simple and remarkably powerful. Made of just one ingredient - tart, unripe grapes, pressed into a golden liquid - verjus adds amazing flavor and complexity to any non-alcoholic drink. 

After tasting verjus ourselves, we knew our bartender friend was on to something! Verjus is now the cornerstone ingredient in Kally. 

Verjus accomplishes what few ingredients outside of alcohol can do - contributing gentle acidity to Kally without requiring the addition of sugar that can quickly overwhelm the flavor. The acid in verjus is soft and pleasing to the palate, giving the feel of alcohol and simultaneously intensifying other flavors in the drink.

Verjus is now Kally’s best friend now too - and that’s definitely no joke!