The Kally Thanksgiving Menu

One thing we love about Kally? It plays well with food. And it plays really well with Thanksgiving food. Here's what we're serving for the big day: 


Berry Fennel Spritz + Cheese Board 

The best way to start any holiday meal is with a cheese board, and our Berry Fennel Spritz is a bright and refreshing drink to help get the celebration started! Check out this guide for board building inspiration.


Orchard Sage + Sausage Stuffing

Sausage and herbs form the base for this classic stuffing recipe. Sip our Orchard Sage alongside it to get the full sage experience. 

Berry Fennel + Herb-Butter Turkey 

This recipe shows you how a simple mix of herbs and butter slipped under the skin of your turkey ensures a crisp skin and juicy meat. And who needs cranberry sauce when you can sip our Berry Fennel as the perfect pairing?


Orchard Sage Spritz + Winter Squash Soup 

Equal parts comforting and celebratory, this rich soup pairs perfectly with our Orchard Sage Spritz.


Jasmine Spice + Roasted Root Vegetables

This mix and match recipe for roasted root vegetables is a simple yet flavorful (and colorful) side for your Thanksgiving table. Our Jasmine Spice offers a delicate, floral pairing. 


Vanilla Smoke + Chocolate Pecan Pie 

This pecan pie is all about decadence, and the only thing it needs is a glass of smooth and silky Vanilla Smoke.


Not sure what to pair with your dish? Text us, we can help: 650-200-0793