Our Late Summer Fun - Making Verjus!

We’re grape thieves! 


It’s not that we’re committing real crimes (unless making great drinks is against the law!).... But we do steal grapes away from the wine making process - and redirect them to make a delicious chardonnay verjus. 


Our thievery starts in the sunny vineyards of California, where we pick grapes a month before they’d otherwise be harvested to make wine. That month is critical in developing the sweetness of the wine grapes. With the early pick date, our grapes are firm to the touch, tart and contain just a hint of sweetness. 

We pick grapes early in the morning as the sun rises, and immediately transport them from the fields to the vineyard. Trucks empty the grapes into chutes which destem the grapes before they’re crushed into golden juice and collected into large tanks. We then carefully filter the verjus to remove any impurities that might affect the quality.  The verjus is chilled to near freezing where it stays until it’s ready to be packaged for use in Kally.

Verjus making

Each year’s verjus is different. Sweetness and acidity vary based on the weather, the vineyard plot from where the grapes are harvested, and many other factors. We carefully measure the acidity and sweetness and adjust other Kally ingredients to make sure we produce a perfectly balanced drink that brings out the full character of the recipe. 

We’re excited to see what this year’s verjus harvest brings - and the magic it will give to Kally.