The Verjus Miracle

When we started Kally, we were on the hunt for something missing in every non–alcoholic beverage we’d ever tried: bite. We wanted a sip of Kally to give us a little pucker, a little tingle, a little hurt - just like we got from a great wine or a vibrant cocktail.

Luckily, we discovered the miracle ingredient that brings that bite to every sip of Kally - verjus. 

Verjus is tart chardonnay grape juice made form from barely-ripe, golden grapes. Verjus is never fermented and contains non alcohol. We make our own verjus from California grapes carefully selected for their flavor and quality.

Verjus makes Kally taste like it contains alcohol - it gives Kally that bite. The sensation comes from acidity in the tart grapes we use to make verjus. It makes Kally a satisfying alternative to a glass of wine or a cocktail in a way that no other ingredient can.

Verjus also makes Kally perfect to pair with food. It rounds out sensations in the month, enhancing the flavors of food. The tart verjus cuts through rich food and acts as a palate cleanser. This is why Kally goes so well with food in ways beverages without verjus can’t replicate. 

We’re excited to share this little miracle in every sip of Kally with you!


The Kally recipe with the most verjus (over 50%) is Vanilla Smoke. Give it a try and taste that delicious, bold verjus bite.