Verjus: Your Sober October BFF

You know it’s a good drink when you’re left asking “are you sure there’s no alcohol in here?” It’s something we hear a lot with Kally and it’s all thanks to our hero ingredient: verjus. 

Verjus is made from young, chardonnay grapes that are pressed into a tart, golden juice with zero alcohol. It gives a drink acid, body, and complexity. And it’s the acid that’s really key here. Verjus has tartaric acid, which is more interesting than citric acid (sorry lemons!) and more approachable than, say, acetic acid from vinegar. (If you want to learn more about how we make our verjus, check out this story.)

Of course, you’ll need to pair the verjus with other ingredients to build out a balanced drink. For us, that means using real food ingredients like fruit, botanicals, and teas to add sweetness, tannins, and flavor complexity. 

Non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails made with verjus are the best at tricking your mind into thinking you’re having a “real” drink. Which is why we love drinking them, especially during Sober October. There’s a good chance you’ll even forget you’re not drinking after that first sip. 

So if you see a verjus-based drink on the menu when you’re dining out, order it. In the meantime, stock your home bar with some Kally.