Pregnancy + Kally = YES!

Admittedly it’s been a few years, but we still remember what it was like to not be able to enjoy a “special” drink while pregnant. Sparkling water just didn't really hit the spot. 

Good news: you can feel great enjoying some Kally while pregnant - and in the months following.  A few reassuring notes about our sippers:

    Never Fermented, No Alcohol. Kally is a non-alcoholic beverage. None of the ingredients in Kally have ever been fermented. Kally is not dealcoholized - all ingredients are alcohol-free from the start.
    Real Food Ingredients. We’ve painstakingly selected the ingredients in each Kally recipe, using only real food ingredients - fruits, teas and botanicals. You could find all the ingredients in Kally in a farmers market or health-oriented grocery store. We left out any ingredients that pose some safety questions for pregnant or breastfeeding women - we have no roots, bark extracts, adaptogens or nootropics of any kind. 
    Decaffeinated. If you are monitoring your caffeine while pregnant, all Kally *in cans* is made using decaffeinated teas. Currently, Kally *in bottles* still includes a range of caffeine from our teas (8-47mg/serving), but by later this fall, that will change too so that ALL Kally available will be made with decaffeinated teas.

We’ve got you on this one!  Cheers!