Which Kally for Me?

People often ask us which of the four Kallys they should try first (or next). Of course, we love all of our babies equally, but here are our thoughts on each of the four inaugural Kally recipes:

Orchard Sage is the crowd pleaser (named #1 choice more than any other). It’s unique, herbaceous aroma comes from sage. We love watching newbies try to guess the source of the flavor, and the surprise when they learn it’s sage. Orchard Sage is an easy-drinker, with less tartness than Jasmine Spice or Vanilla Smoke.

Jasmine Spice is my personal favorite - crisper, tarter, brighter than the Orchard Sage. This is my go-to first drink of the night, and I enjoy it with a few apps while prepping dinner.

Berry Fennel is big, fruit-forward and a little sweeter than our other recipes (similar to orchard sage that way).  Berry Fennel has lots of cherry and a hint of fennel on the finish, which might make you think of chocolate.

Vanilla Smoke is about the smoke! The people who fall for Vanilla Smoke also tend to like BBQ, smoked food, scotch and mezcal. I love a glass of Vanilla Smoke with a chunk of dark chocolate after a meal.

We’re excited to hear which is your favorite! Drop us a line.

Cheers, Katie