Why EANABs are Brilliant

We recently did an event on the Stanford University campus with a big group students who were all super interested in non-alcoholic beverages.  Except, for them, drinks w/o booze have another name: EANABs, or Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages.


For decades, Stanford has had a policy that if you’re serving alcohol on campus (officially or unofficially, wink wink) you also have to serve EANABs. Other colleges and universities have similar requirements now too (but w/o the cool acronym!).


What a ridiculously brilliant idea. What a great way to encourage inclusion and respect for individual choice. We wish this practice would spread ubiquitously - and far beyond college campuses. How many work events, birthday parties, family gatherings or community activities have you gone to where it was “beer, wine or water?”


How many times would you have passed on the booze if an alternative was equally attractive and equally available?


Next time you’re in charge of the drink options at an event, think of a great EANAB. And if you’re being forced to nurse a glass of water while those around sip great boozy drinks, raise your voice and ask for better!