Get the Full Mindf*ck Collection of our non-alcoholic sippers

There’s a whole world of drinking that doesn’t involve alcohol. Whether you’re sober, taking a break, or moderating, we’ve got a sipper for you.

Kit includes: Value

Kally Curiosity Collection Bottles (3)


Kally Curiosity Collection Cans (6-Pack)


Lili Sparkler Trio Bottles (3)


Lili Sparkler Trio Cans (6-Pack)


Get the entire collection for $270 $250!

Exquisitely sippable and highly shareable drinks.

We’re reimagining drinking culture without alcohol — and everyone’s invited. Whether you’re hosting or attending gatherings, we crafted mindful drinks worth sharing with your circle. All our beverages are:

  • Made with real fruit, teas, and botanicals.
  • Crafted by sommeliers & renowned chefs
  • Contain nothing artificial, ever.

Taste 9 different flavors, crafted by sommeliers

Complex and sophisticated, Kally brings together acid, sugar, and tannins to transform the non-alcoholic drinking experience. Our flavors include:

  • Kally Jasmine Spice* - Delicate, tart & bright.
  • Kally Orchard Sage - Herbaceous, tangy & alive.
  • Berry Fennel* - Earthy, bold & rich.
  • Vanilla Smoke - Smoky, smooth & relaxed.
  • Lili Golden Sparkler - Lorem, ipsum, nextum.
  • Lili Ruby Sparkler - Lorem, ipsum, nextum.
  • Lili Rose Sparkler - Lorem, ipsum, nextum.

*Come in Spritz variety as well!