In collaboration.

Kally is a group project. We source ingredients, create new drinks, share them, get feedback, and evolve. We’ve become friends with people who grow, craft, sell and taste food and drinks — including drinkers the world over.

Along the way, Kally does her thing, creating moments that elicit reactions - a smile, a raised eyebrow, a pucker, a chuckle, an opinion, and maybe even an argument. Kally will always be cultivated in the community, lovingly nurtured and perfected by souls who care. Once you taste, you are part of the team.

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Kally Secrets

Sour on the Brain

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Kally Secrets

Sip Not Gulp - Thank you Vejus

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Kally Launch

Hello World!

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Who's helping

“Just Start Talking …"

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Pairing Recipes

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"Low & No"

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