Meet the New

Our four different expressions finally give you the familiar bite we all crave.

Kally gets it right where the other NAs got it wrong.

  • Our secret ingredient? Unripe chardonnay grapes.
  • Designed with renowned sommeliers and chefs for over two years.
  • Use Code Kally20 for 20% off.


“Yes, yes, and yes. Finally an NA I want to share with my friends. This one convinces.”

- Joanna Rose

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- John Doe

"Vestibulum velit mauris, pharetra sit amet urna et, venenatis fermentum urna. Vivamus in metus varius, lacinia arcu sit amet, semper dui."

- Jane Doe

The Non-Alcoholic Dilemma

Non-alcoholics are weird. None of them really hit the spot. You drink them expecting something magically different. But the “hit, that bite is just not there. Well we figured it out and created Kally. The new non-alcoholic.

  • Designed with sommeliers & chefs for a desired beverage experience.
  • Flavors you can only sip on. (Like spirits & wine, our flavors our tough to chug, you gotta’ sip them)
  • A miracle ingredient that changes the NA game: Verjus!
  • All recipes made with natural ingredients

Every Flavor An Experience.
Take Your Curiosity On An Adventure.

  • Jasmine Spice - Delicate, tart & bright.
  • Orchard Sage - Herbaceous, tangy & alive.
  • Berry Fennel - Earthy, bold & rich.
  • Vanilla Smoke - Smoky, smooth & relaxed.