• Kally Berry Fennel, a non-alcoholic beverage (in cans)
  • Kally Berry Fennel, a non-alcoholic beverage, paired with food
  • Kally Berry Fennel paired with cherries, part of the sophisticated non-alcoholic drink recipe

Berry Fennel

Earthy, bold, and rich. This non-alcoholic sipper pairs a burst of fresh berry flavor with notes of dark chocolate to create a combination unlike any other.

Sold in six-packs of 8 oz cans.


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Tasting Notes

Toasted fennel seeds provide a hint of chocolate, while cherry and strawberry seductively provide balance and roundness. Big and fruit-forward, it’s great chilled or at room temperature.


Verjus, Organic Cherry Juice, Water, Organic Strawberry Juice, Organic Decaffeinated Black Tea Extract, Organic Fennel Extract


Beef or pork. Root vegetables. Pasta. Artichoke. Chocolate chip cookies. Anything with nuts.


"A perfect complement to a big pasta meal - keep the wine in the cellar!" - Tayler E.

"Great tannins and acidity with chocolatey smoothness." - Chelase C.

Something Curious

It's amazing how different toasted fennel tastes from raw fennel seed. The toasting process triggers the Maillard reaction, transforming sugars and proteins into new compounds (the same happens when browning meat, toast, or nuts). In the case of fennel, nutty flavors transform into notes of dark chocolate.


Serving Size 5oz (148ml). Per serving: Calories 49, Carbohydrates 11g, Sugars 9g (no added sugars), Sodium 4mg, Fat 0g, Protein 0g