Best January Kit

Best January Kit

Whether you’re looking to cut back or cut out, we’re here for you. Treat yourself with our Best January Kit including a 6-pack of Kally and Lili, our Best January digital guide to living a month full of fun and renewal (preview here), and other great self-care essentials.


What's Inside

A 6-pack of Kally & Lili that includes:

Kally: Orchard Sage, Jasmine Spice, Vanilla Smoke, and Berry Fennel cans (8oz)

Lili (Kally's sibling!): Golden Sparkler and Rosé Sparkler cans (8oz)

Dry January Digital Guide: Make it a month filled with great drinks, friends, health, and sleep with our suggestions and tips. Preview the guide here.

Rx Los Angeles Travel Candle in White Tea
Moringa Chamomile Lavender Tea (1oz) with Mijane Reusable Cotton Tea Bag
Pockitudes Mini Gratitude Journal
(sorry, phone not included.)


Cutting back on alcohol inspired us to create drinks that are more about what you are getting than what you are missing. We approach Dry January the same way, asking how we get the most of the month. Maybe it's more sleep, better athletic performance, more time to explore a new hobby, or just taking the opportunity to hit reset.

Whatever your reason for cutting back or cutting out, this is our way to be there with you.


Kally is made with real food ingredients and nothing artificial. Our star ingredient is verjus, a juice that comes from young, tart chardonnay grapes. It adds the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to every sip. View the ingredients in each included recipe here: Kally Jasmine Spice, Kally Orchard Sage, Kally Berry Fennel, Kally Vanilla SmokeLili Golden Sparkler, Lili Rose Sparkler

Something Curious

According to food and drink research firm CGA, nearly 35% of legal adults in the US participated in Dry January in 2022. Chances are high you’ll have a friend (or two) to team up with this year.