Kally Flight Night

Kally Flight Night

Flight night, the Kally way. Everything you need to taste your way through the breadth of our flavors.  Drinks and essentials included!


What's Inside

Kally 6-Pack featuring Jasmine Spice, Orchard Sage, Berry Fennel, Vanilla Smoke, Berry Fennel Spritz, Orchard Sage Spritz (6pack of 8oz cans)

Kally Flight Night Digital Guide with recommendations for a great tasting event including Kally founder tasting notes (and those of drink experts too!), back stories on our flavors, secrets to our "bite" and more. Preview the guide here.

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Glasses (2)
Kally Tasting Sheets (24)
Kally Conversation Starter Cards (16)
(sorry, phone not included.)


Kally is made with real food ingredients and nothing artificial. Our star ingredient is verjus, a juice that comes from young, tart chardonnay grapes. It adds the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to every sip. View the ingredients in each recipe here: Jasmine Spice, Orchard Sage, Berry Fennel, Vanilla Smoke, Orchard Sage Spritz, Berry Fennel Spritz


Have some water crackers on hand to nibble between sips. If you want to take things up a notch make a little cheese and charcuterie board. Our recommendations are here.


“Each takes me on a new exciting drink adventure!” - Myra S.

"The tastes and bouquets couldn’t be more different across these four recipes. Options to pair with any great meal or simple snack." - Brian W.

“A Kally flight makes the perfect happy hour activity - line them up, and sip away!” - Kelly C.

Something Curious

Did you know that a lot of things we think are tastes, are actually smells? The tongue can only distinguish sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. The rest of "taste" is happening with your eyes and your nose. Cool, right?