• Kally Vanilla Smoke, a non-alcoholic beverage (in cans)
  • Kally Vanilla Smoke, a non-alcoholic beverage, paired with food
  • Kally Vanilla Smoke paired with vanilla beans, part of the sophisticated non-alcoholic drink recipe

Vanilla Smoke

Smoky, smooth, and relaxed. This non-alcoholic sipper has a moody sweetness that promises to delight the palate.

Sold in six-packs of 8oz cans.



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Tasting Notes

The first sip surprises, awakening the senses with the aromas of smoked tea and the richness of blueberries and vanilla. Drinkers compare it to Scotch or mezcal, and it’s always a big hit with BBQ and smoked food. Some serve it on the rocks to mellow the smokiness.


Verjus, Organic Blueberry Juice, Organic Decaffeinated Lapsang Souchong Tea Extract, Organic Decaffeinated Black Tea Extract, Organic Chamomile Extract, Water, Organic Vanilla Bean Extract


Grilled lamb. Hard cheeses. Mushrooms. Dark chocolate. Smoked almonds. Grilled corn. Barbecue.


"An outstanding alternative to a mezcal or scotch!" - Muhammad A.

"The first sip is an unexpected and delightful shock - so much flavor in so many layers, all perfectly balanced." - Roberta E.

Something Curious

The smokey flavor in Lapsang Souchong traditionally comes from roasting tea leaves over pinewood. We also use the extracts of organic Madagascar vanilla beans in this recipe, adding soft, sweet aromas that complement the smoke.


Serving Size 5oz (148ml). Per serving: Calories 56, Carbohydrates 13g, Sugars 10g (no added sugars), Sodium 4mg, Fat 0g, Protein 0g