Kally Verjus Cocktail Kit

Kally Verjus Cocktail Kit

Mixing cocktails, the Kally way.  Everything you need to start crafting your own delicious, non-alcoholic cocktails, including Kally Verjus and a few home bar essentials.


What's Inside

Kally Verjus (750mL bottle) for mixing
Kally Orchard Sage (8oz can) for inspiration

Kally Verjus Cocktail Digital Guide that shares the secrets to making great non-alcoholic verjus-based cocktails, including recipes from our home bar and beyond. Preview the guide here.

Zulay 12-inch Cocktail Spoon
Atelier Saucier Cocktail Napkin Set
Dried California Citrus Garnish
(sorry, phone not included.)


When we first heard the word “verjus,” it was whispered to us by a brilliant bartender friend who was an expert in non-alcoholic drinks. “It’s going to be perfect for Kally,” he asserted. He was right!

Verjus, with its unique combination of low sugar and high acid, gives a non-alcoholic drinks the same bite you taste when enjoying wine or a cocktail.

Featured Recipe

Keep it simple: combine equal parts verjus and sparkling water for a spritz. Take it up a notch: try our Yuzu Margarita


Kally Verjus: 100% Chardonnay Grape Verjus

Orchard Sage: Verjus, Organic Apple Juice, Water, Organic Elderflower Extract, Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Organic Sage Extract

Something Curious

The trick to making great verjus-based drinks? Think in layers. We’re sharing how we approach making our own Kally recipes, so you can do the same at home. Read more here


Kally Verjus: Serving Size: 1Tbsp (15mL). Per serving: Calories 7, Fat 0g, Sodium 2mg

Orchard Sage: Serving Size 5oz (148ml). Per serving: Calories 50, Carbohydrates 12g, Sugars 10g (no added sugars), Sodium 2mg, Fat 0g, Protein 0g