The Basics

What is Kally?

Kally is a magical mix of verjus, fruit, tea and botanicals. Verjus is a tart grape juice we press from California chardonnay grapes. Kally is non-alcoholic beverage but contains all the flavor, sophistication and experience often found in alcoholic beverages.

Where is Kally made?

Kally is made in beautiful, sunny (and dry) California.

Is there any alcohol in Kally?

Nope! Kally is a non-alcoholic beverage. None of the ingredients in Kally are ever fermented. Kally is not dealcoholized - it's entirely made of alcohol-free ingredients.

Who makes Kally?

Kally is made by SomethingElse, Inc. an independent, California-based beverage company. We create drinks with all the complexity and satisfaction of an adult beverage, just without the alcohol. You can learn more about us at

Can I find Kally at my favorite stores and restaurants?

Yes! You can find a running list of Kally stockists here. If you want Kally at your favorite store or restaurant, email us at and we'll get on it right away.


Drinking Kally

Should I mix Kally with anything?

Kally is ready to drink straight from the bottle, and is best served cold. We love Kally chilled with no ice so we can savor each recipe’s depth. But Kally on rocks is great too—marrying flavors and smoothing notes on the tongue.

How long does Kally keep?

Kally loves dark, cool places. We recommend you drink Kally within one year of purchase. Once you've opened a bottle of Kally, we recommend keeping it in the fridge and drinking it in a week.

Do you have more flavors?

We are always thinking of new and delicious flavors. And if you have some ideas for us please send to Follow us on socials (@drinkkally) to stay posted on new flavor development.


Nutritionals & Ingredients

How clean is Kally? Is it organic?

We use only real food ingredients to make Kally. 95% of Kally ingredients are organic and whenever we have a choice, we always opt for organic ingredients. We do not add artificial flavors, artificial colors or sugar.

How is Kally made?

Kally is carefully produced in small batches, using premium ingredients. We start by pressing young, tart chardonnay grapes into a delicious juice and then add premium teas, herbs, spices and juices to create complex layers of flavor.

Does Kally contain caffeine?

No. All Kally recipes are made using decaffeinated teas. We use teas to impart tannins which contribute to our unique flavors.

Does Kally contain sulfites?

When we make verjus, the tart grape juice that goes into all Kally drinks, we add a small amount of sulfite to help preserve the freshness of the juice. The amount of sulfite in Kally is roughly 1/10th of the sulfite in a glass of table wine.


Buying, Gifting & Shipping

Can I gift Kally?

Yes, Kally makes a perfect gift! Look for the "Send as a gift" button on each of our shop pages. Your recipent will be notified that they've recieved a gift via email. We’ll ask for their shipping address and other details.

How do I manage my orders?

  • Changing or canceling your order: Send us a note at or a text at (650) 487-0226. For subscriptions, you can create an account (using the same email you used to purchase) and make changes online.
  • View past orders: Yes, just create an account, using the same email you used when placing your order(s).


How do I place a large order for weddings, corporate events, family reunions, etc.?

If you’re in need a large order of Kally, send us a note at or text at (650) 487-0226 and we’ll help.

How long does shipping take?

We ship anywhere in the United States (we’re not shipping internationally—yet). Most orders ship within 24 hours of ordering. We offer flat fee shipping which is based on where you live and the size of your order.

What’s your return policy?

If you’re not happy with Kally for any reason, just send us an email at or text us at (650) 487-0226. We’ll make it right.

[Last Updated: November 2023]