Before we started Kally, we were simply on a mission to drink less and enjoy more. Our curiosity for wine alternatives took flight after a conversation with a friend tending bar who introduced us to the magic of verjus. It was love at first sip.

Every Kally recipe features a unique combination of surprising and familiar flavors. We only use the purest ingredients and meticulously focus on the quality of every element. Each bottle is crafted with care and meant to be shared.

Ultimately, this is our love letter to California and a celebration of togetherness. It’s our way of connecting people, one glass at a time. It’s how we celebrate the big and small moments in life. 

We hope you love drinking Kally as much as we love making it.


CEO & Co-Founder
Verjus Magic

Verjus is a simple ingredient with endless creative potential. Pressed from young, tart California grapes, this versatile golden liquid gives structure to Kally thanks to its perfect balance of acid and sugar.

Clean Ingredients

Kally is full of flavor from real food ingredients—verjus, fruit, teas, and botanicals—and nothing else. (The first Kally was created using ingredients from our home garden after all.) You won’t find artificial flavors, additives, or funky stuff here. 

Flavor & Complexity

Each Kally is made with unique ingredients that create layers of flavor, tannin, acidity, and sweetness. A great drink changes flavor and aroma as it moves across the palate or is paired with different foods—and Kally is no exception.

It all starts with a grape.

Verjus is the essence of Kally. We make our own verjus every season from hand-picked California chardonnay grapes. Why? Because we’re obsessed by the details. Everything from grape quality and varietal to terroir and pressing techniques impact the verjus quality.