From our kitchen to your glass

We wanted to drink less alcohol — and sometimes none at all. And we were surrounded by people who felt the same. Inspired by a non-alcoholic pairing experience we had at an amazing restaurant, we got to work.

We make beverages that way chefs prepare food. We use real food ingredients—verjus, fruit, and botanicals—to create unique flavors that delight the palate and pique curiosity.

From our kitchen to your glass

Every sip of Kally will leave you wanting another, which was exactly our goal. Complex and sophisticated, Kally brings together acid, sugar, and tannins to transform the non-alcoholic drinking experience. Bring a bottle to lunch, brunch, dinner or a party and let the conversations unfold.

If vintners make amazing wine, brewers make awesome beer, and distillers make distinctive spirits, then who makes delicious non-alcoholic drinks? Turns out, we do.

Katie & Scott