Culinary curiosity in a glass.

If vintners make amazing wine, and brewers make awesome beer, and distillers make distinctive spirits, then who makes delicious non-alcoholic drinks? 

We wanted to drink less alcohol — and sometimes none at all. And we were surrounded by people who felt the same. Yet nothing we could find hit the spot. We craved a drink that felt special and tasted delicious. Before dinner, with dinner, after dinner. At brunch or lunch. At a picnic or a party. (We had a lot of drinking occasions after all…)

Culinary curiosity in a glass.

We wanted a drink we could sip, savor and feel good about the next day. Not just a drink without alcohol, but one made with real food ingredients and nothing artificial.  We could picture this drink so perfectly, that we had to start mixing it ourselves.

We shared our concoctions liberally and they drew people in. That initial group of supporters has now grown into an amazing community that appreciates Kally as much as we do. We hope you’ll join us for the journey too.

Katie & Scott