How to Kally

How to Kally

On the rocks? In a coupe? We're answering all of your "how do I drink this?" questions. Consider this your guide to your first sips of Kally!

Should I drink it chilled?

We love Kally straight out of the fridge and into our glass. Some people tell us they also enjoy the red varieties (Berry Fennel) of Kally at room temperature. We prefer Kally without ice so we can really savor each recipe’s depth, but it’s great on the rocks too. 

Can I add bubbles? 

If you’re a bubble person, go for it. Mix Kally with sparkling water for some extra fizz. 

Which glass should I use?

Your pick. We drink Kally out of short tumbler glasses, stemmed wine glasses, and fancy coupes, depending on our mood. 

How long will Kally keep?

Once opened, Kally is good for 14 days in the fridge. Unopened and at room temperature, Kally will keep for one year. So go ahead, put that bottle on display.

What’s up with the sediment?

Kally is made with real food ingredients and sediment will naturally collect in the bottle over time. You can shake to mix it back up or just leave it settled in the bottom of the bottle—your choice.