Kally Profile: Matthew Biancaniello

Kally Profile: Matthew Biancaniello

Matthew Biancaniello is a maverick. A walking encyclopedia of flavor, a self-taught botanist, a chef, a mixologist and impresario to boot. He showed up to our first meeting with an assortment of beverages made with fruits and herbs he’d wild foraged in the canyons above Malibu, California. After only a few sips of his ridiculously unique beverages, we were in drink-maker heaven!

Matthew hit our radar screen with his amazing drink recipes in Eat Your Drink. Matthew ascribes to a philosophy that just about any plant, fruit, herb or spice can taste great in a drink. Matthew has a unique talent for understanding how to combine and layer flavors to achieve incredible taste combinations. And he does it all with ingredients most people have never heard of: cherimoya, kumquat, sea moss, oro blanco (the list goes on...). Our food and flavor philosophies are beautifully compatible.

Our commitment from the earliest days of crafting Kally recipes was to only use real food ingredients. We thought about making drinks like chefs because when you approach making a drink the same way you make a meal, the options for taste and experience are limitless.

In Matthew we found a kindred spirit, a mentor and a source of incredible creative energy in the early days of making Kally. When you drink Kally, you’re getting a little taste of Matthew’s brilliance!

Check out Matthew’s latest project: Liquid Journeys—a one-stop portal for all things cocktails—and follow him on Instagram @eatyourdrink.