Kally Profile: Han Suk Cho

Kally Profile: Han Suk Cho

Sometimes, a single person really changes how you see (and taste!) things. Han Suk Cho is one of those people. A sommelier, chef and entrepreneur, Han Suk has a richly diverse background. She’s worked in some of the best restaurants in the world and possesses a deep passion for creating non-alcoholic beverages. 

Han Suk also took our appreciation of verjus to a whole new level. During a collaboration session early in the history of Kally, she insisted on pouring glasses of each of 5 or 6 different brands of verjus we’d been testing in Kally recipes. She focused on tasting, studying, and appreciating just this one, single ingredient.

With a sommelier’s keen senses, she highlighted the uniqueness of different glasses of verjus—the bouquet, the progression of flavors across the tongue, the color tones. She drew our attention to sweetness and acidity, and the impact of grape varietals on flavor. Han Suk made us think about verjus at a much deeper level; appreciating the nuances and attributes which ultimately became invaluable in crafting Kally’s hallmarks of complexity, sophistication and balance. 

When a new vintage of verjus arrives at the end of each summer, the first sip is always the most exciting. We pour a taste into a glass, close our eyes, focus our senses, and appreciate what Han Suk taught us about the magical subtleties of verjus!

You can taste some of Han Suk’s amazing drink creations at Zero Proof Beverages and follow her on Instagram @thehansukcho.