Exciting news, meet Kally 2.0

Exciting news, meet Kally 2.0

We learned a lot in our first year of selling non-alc drinks. Honestly we could fill tombs with the lessons, the insights and the stories. But today, just one big change to share from our adventure...

As we evolved, the separation between our first two brands— Kally and Lili—started to shrink. Their similarities became more pronounced than their differences. They are both verjus-based drinks, made with the same drink approach, and as Kally started to get some bubbles, they became harder to distinguish from one another. This created complexity for our customers, our retailers, and the brand builders here at SomethingElse. 

So, we are combining the two drink lines into one under the Kally brand and re-introducing the Kally brand and website with a few updates. It’s the same great drinks - just a fresh new look.  We hope you can take a moment to check it out.

We had an incredible amount of fun synthesizing the learnings and putting our creativity to work. This new foundation gives us increased speed, flexibility, and creativity to grow and build new things.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. The ride with you so far has been a blast. Strap in for more to come!


Katie and Scott