Real Food, Real Ingredients, Real Flavor

Real Food, Real Ingredients, Real Flavor

We are foodies, no doubt about it. And we are also health and wellness fanatics. So when it came time to craft some non-alcoholic options for our evening rituals, we started in our kitchen with ingredients from our garden. 

Once we started making drinks in large volumes to share with you, we insisted that we continue to use food instead of flavorings. It's the harder and more expensive path to use real food, but we didn't want to trade one vice for another.  We care deeply about what goes into our bodies.

Want to learn more about our inaugural ingredients? Check out list below. And, we are always looking for new flavor inspiration. Do you have a favorite botanical or seasonal fruit you’d love to taste in Kally? Please let us know! Text us or email us with your ideas, we love hearing from you: 650-200-0793 or

Apple: We love apples for the naturally sweet, honey-like taste they add to each recipe.

Chai: A warming spice blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper that activates the senses while you sip.

Jasmine: With aromas of honeysuckle and peach, jasmine adds a delicate floral sweetness that will instantly transport you. 

Elderflower: Floral notes with hints of tropical fruit, elderflower gives each sip a fresh, fruity quality that's unmatched.

Sage: Earthy and slightly peppery with hints of mint, eucalyptus, and lemon, we use sage both for its flavor and aroma.  

Blueberry: Sweet and slightly tart, blueberries add richness and depth without overpowering.

Chamomile: With gentle notes of apple and a mellow, honey-like flavor, chamomile flowers add a subtle sweetness.

Lapsang Souchong: This refreshing, smoky tea is imbued with notes of pine resin, adding depth and just the right amount of mystery. 

Vanilla Bean: Bringing in creamy, warm, floral notes, vanilla bean adds a smoothness that can’t be topped.

Cherry: We love the versatility of cherry: it’s nutty, woody, and lightly floral with slight notes of spice, cinnamon, and rose.

Strawberry: Fruity, sweet, and oh so juicy, strawberry adds bold fruit flavor with a little bit of acidity.

Fennel Seeds: We use toasted fennel seeds because they add notes of chocolate with hints of black licorice and anise—a totally different taste from raw fennel seed.

Green Tea: Bittersweet with nutty, buttery, and floral notes, green tea brings an earthy layer to every sip.

Black Tea: With bold aromas and dry tannins, earthy black tea adds notes of caramel and leather.

Verjus: This tart, golden juice comes from young chardonnay grapes and gives Kally a gentle acidity that will keep you sipping.